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Basic principles of the A-Radio Network

The members of the platform support the pursuit of an emancipatory, solidarian society with horizontal and egalitarian structures. The motivation for the network is the exchange of experiences, a solidarian support of each other, common projects and the meeting of each other from time to time.

Not desired are groups that have one or more of the following practices:

  • Support of structures or behaviour of capitalist logic
  • support of nationalist groups or propaganda
  • Lack of reflection of the own privileges and the own reproduction of power relations and capitalist logic
  • Discrimination of any kind
  • Advocacy and implementation of hierarchical structures or relations of power
  • Supporting the idea that some forms of oppression are more important than others
  • Supporting an avantgarde-strategie, in which one or more groups seek the leadership over certain social movements
  • Scapegoating certain persons or person groups for the problems of abstract structures
  • Propagating irrational worldviews (conspiracy theories etc.)

International anarchist radio gathers radio projects, shows /programs ar aware of the divese aspects of anarchism. It s organized on individual, not collective, responsibility. Participation and organization is based on free association, individual and groups/collective autonomy. Everyboy joining is responsible to improve the platform/tool because there is no work division recognized inside.

BAD NEWS radio

“B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world is a monthly news program in English, based on short segments by all radios of the network. It is put together every month by a different project in a rotating mode.


This is an introduction to “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.

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Παρακάτω θα βρείτε τα ηχητικά από τα διεθνή δελτία αντιπληροφορησης (στην αγγλική γλώσσα)


episode 6 (11/2017)

This is episode number 6 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.


– Infolora, Switzerland: the struggle against the expansion of the deportation prison Bässlergut, in Basel
Radio Fragmata, Athens: the case of 2 Political Prisoners
1431 am, Thesalonika: workers issues
Dissident Island, UK: news about arms trade campaigners and the general legal context in the UK
A-Radio Berlín: comment about Santiago Maldonado, an anarchist murder in Argentina because of the Mapuche struggles
Radio Kurruf, Chile: news about the trials against the Mapuche struggle
Radiozones Of Subversive Expressions/98FM, Athens: updates on attacks on politicians in Greece, attacks by racists on refugees, refugee organizing in Lesvos and more

(episode in total 53:35)

or you can download it directly from archive.org here:

B(A)D News Episode Nov 2017




news from 98fm (athens)
3:47,5 – 12:24,5

*syriza changes Law

*attack on the french institute of athens

*harm of environment / shipowner and gold mining

*Law about gender issue

*15 years of prison in cause of self-defence

*attack against goethe intitut of athens

*several actions of a anarchist group

A-Radio Berlin

*a collage about the anarchist days 2017 in dresden

radio fragmata (athens)
24:17,0 – 31:30,0

3 cases , and the justice system of greece

*the case of marios zervas radio kurruf

*the case of panagiotis z.

*and the case of a 22 year old girl ho killed her rapist

105fm (mytilini)
31:30,5 – 35:17,5

– news from mytilini (lesvos island/greece) and beyond –


*transgender issue

*case of a rapist

the final straw (north carolina/usa)
36:36,5 – 48:02,0

*interview about the case of herman bell
(- who is a beloved organizer and family member, a political prisoner
clocking 44
years behind bars, and former member of the black panther party. they
spoke to his daughter in law, kihana ross, about recent developments in
his case.)

bilda kedjor (sweden)
50:12,5 – 53:18,5

*news from Sweden about the antifascist mobilization

*against the nazi demo that happened 30.09 in goetheborg

radio kurruf (chile)
53:24,0 – 58:59,0

*current struggle of political mapuche prisoners in chile

radio dissidentisland
59:00,0 – 1:08:08,0

*update DSEI arms fair week of action.

*a portion of a debate on whether the russian revolution should be

fqz A
1:09:07,0 – 1:14:28,0

*update about the repression and solidarity related on the protest
against g20 in hamburg

(episode in total 1:14:44)


Bad News: Program 08/2017

A-Radio Berlin: The disappearance of Santiago Maldonado and the Mapuche struggle in Argentina to reclaim Benetton-owned land

Radio Kurruf: The tragedy of childhood in the SENAME system (National Child Service in Chile)


* Radiozones Of Subversive Expressions, 98FM in Athens: Recent threats of attack by the Telecommunications authority for the possibly benefit of a private, pirate radio station
* 105fm : Resistance to a rape by a security guard at University of the Aegean
* The Final Straw: August 19th Prisoner solidarity activities against slavery in the U.S. & information on the suppression of 214 inauguration protesters arrested in D.C. on January 20th, 2017 & the week of solidarity with J20 arrestees from July 20-27th.
* Rosas Negras : Social activism for the defense of Trans-gendered people in El Salvador
* Dissident Island: Segments from recent episodes: 10th anniversary, Peter Gelderloos, housing activism in the UK, homeless âaidâ
* Radio Kurruf: Killing of two mapuche at the hands of a cop in Wallmapu
* A-Radio Berlin: Eviction of Friedel54 in Berlin and resistance in Hamburg against the G20 Summit


Bad News: Program 06/2017

info about the audio

  • Radio Kurruf: Occupation of CONADI, mapuche resistance and repression by the State (text file here)
  • The Final Straw: Updates on anti-pipeline struggles around the so-called United States (text file here)
  • A-Radio Berlin: New squats in Germany and the acute danger of eviction of Friedel54 (text file here)
  • 98FM: Prisoners in Greece, Terrorism law in Greece, Eviction of squats in Athens
  • 105FM: Food poisoning and stolen food in refugee camps in Lesbos, eviction of refugee squat, feminist information, antifa festival (text file here)
  • Dissident Island: Fuck Parade & thoughts on voting in the UK
  • Rosas Negras: Struggles against the criminalization of abortion in El Salvador (text file here)



 Locución Nota Trans Women – Situation of trans women El Salvador


Bad News: September

* 98fm: action and repression in labor, student struggles, anti-fascist anniversaries around Greece
* 105fm: immigration struggles, resisting fascist attacks, gender violence and other topics from Lesvos
* Radio Kurruf: resistance to and dangers of liquified natural gas
* Rosas Negras: violence against civil society and journalists in particular in El Salvador
* A-Radio Berlin: the government ban of the leftist info platform linksunten indymedia in Germany
* Dissident Island: resistance from the Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) to the London DSEI arms fair
* The Final Straw: autonomous Hurricane relief